10 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

The average cost of a wedding is more than $25,000. That is a huge amount to pay for a single day, and why pay so much if you can find realistic ways to lower the costs. Here are 10 money saving tips that you can use to save some money.

1. The first step is considering the guest list. Each person costs between $15 and $40+ depending on the cost of the meal. If you are renting chairs they can be between $1 and $3 dollars each. This may not sound like much, but it can add up. By cutting the guests down by 50 you can save more than $1000. Think about the long lost friends and relatives that you don’t see. Thinking back to my wedding, my parents pressured me to invite relatives that I didn’t know I had. We didn’t invite them and we don’t regret it.


2. Pick a wedding time that is not typical. Renting a reception site, chairs and everything else is going to be the most expensive on Saturday evenings. However, having a Sunday night wedding or a Friday night wedding you can get a huge discount from vendors, even as much as 50%.

3. Consider a destination wedding. A romantic destination for your wedding sounds expensive, but by reducing your guest list and shopping around, you can find a reasonable location for your wedding.

4. Use a reception site that provides chairs, tables, plates and silverware. You can save significantly over renting these from many different vendors.

5. Provide a late evening reception with desserts instead of dinner. Having champagne, coffee, tea and a selection of wonderful desserts would be great, and you can avoid the high cost of serving dinner.

6. Instead of using flowers as a centerpiece, use a small candelabra or votives.

7. Consider an outdoor reception. If the setting is right you won’t need to add to the decorations, the plants, flowers and trees are plenty.

8. Look for a tuxedo rental store that offers the groom a free rental when the groomsman rent their tuxedos there.

9. Be your own DJ. Make your own CDS and play them at the wedding. This is much cheaper than hiring a DJ or band.

10. Rather than ordering the prints from the photographer, just get the photos on CD. You can print them much cheaper at a discount store and still have the high quality photography.

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